Okanogan County Fire Protection District 11

Okanogan County Fire Protection District 11

Volunteer Information

The Molson-Chesaw Fire Department is an all volunteer department. We are always seeking additional motivated volunteers for our department. All new applicants must be willing to:
Obtain and keep current a valid Wildland Firefighter Red Card.
Obtain and keep current a valid First Aid Card.
Pass a Department physical fitness test.

If you are interested in joining our Fire Department please contact us.

OKCOFPD #11 Staffing

42 volunteers, a Chief and 4 officers make up OKCOFPD #11. An elected three-member Board of Commissioners governs the District. There is also a Fire Association.

Fire Training Level

All firefighters are currently scheduled or trained as basic structural firefighters. In addition all firefighters are scheduled or trained as wildland firefighters (red carded). The majority of the red carded members are also Firefighter type 1 rated. One officer is certified as Incident Commander type 4, Single Resource Boss, Dozer Boss and Engine Boss.


Average of 23 responses (wildland and structural) (Two recent project fires Wilcox and Nine Mile). Nearly 1/2 of all responses are in conjunction with the WA DNR (cooperative agreement).


Formal Mutual-aid agreements exist between OKCOFPD #11 and all other Okanogan County Fire Protection Districts, the WA DNR and the USFS. Between 2000 and 2004 OKCO FPD #11 responded to 21 calls for assistance from Washington State DNR.

Inter-agency suppression

OKCOFPD #11 is a founding member of NE-WA-CO (Northeast Washington Coalition of fire suppression agencies). 1 of the 5 initial attack engines is non taxed based allowing OKCOFPD #11 a history of responding to mobilization calls outside jurisdictional boundaries; some examples of which are 1995 Mt. Anne, 1999 Lemansky, 2000 Rocky Hull, 2001 Pickens, 2003 Eagle Rock, 2003 Highland Complex and 2004 Sourdough. Additionally numerous minor responses have occurred supporting the WA DNR during lightning bust ignitions.

Inter-agency participation

OKCOFPD #11 is active on a regional basis with members serving on various committees an organizations ie; NE-WA-CO, Fire Chiefs Association, Prescribed Fire Council and the Highlands Fire Defense local coordinating group.

Jurisdiction boundaries:

Northern boundary is 13 miles of east/west international border with the closest Canadian fire station being 20 miles from our Molson satellite station. Western boundary follows Nine Mile road adjoining private ground. Eastern boundary is the Chesaw highway and adjoins private and USFS property. The Southern boundary is intermixed with USFS and private property.

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